At Tri-North, our employees take pride in going above and beyond for clients. A perfect example of our team doing just that is the work we have done with Associated Milk Producers Inc. (AMPI).

In December of 2013, AMPI’s storage facility caught fire, and for three days business was put on hold as the fire raged and destroyed much of the facility and product within. The owner needed a general contractor who was reliable and could be there as quickly as possible. Tri-North had already worked with AMPI on past projects, so when they called, Tri-North was there that night with 40 plus employees ready to help. Tri-North went in with AMPI as a team to determined what areas were a priority, and expedited repairs began in order to get business up and running as soon as possible. Tri-North replaced piping, repaired and revamped existing finishes, and reinforced structures that had been damaged - all with limited time and AMPI’s best interests in mind. Throughout the entire process our superintendents made sure the job was still meeting safety and quality standards, providing AMPI and their employees a peace of mind when returning to work. 



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